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Building Trust with Reviews 

November 27, 20234 min read

Building Trust with Reviews

In today's digital landscape, credibility is the cornerstone of success, and the primary currency in this realm is trust, significantly influenced by online reviews. As a form of social proof, online reviews considerably sway a customer's preference for your business over others. Their role in the customer's decision-making journey is paramount. A study demonstrated that an impressive 91% of people read online reviews regularly or occasionally. Further, a substantial 84% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Leveraging the power of online reviews is crucial to building trust with your potential clients.

To begin with, the bedrock of trust-building through reviews is securing your online presence across various platforms. In the digital world, customers have ample channels to voice their experiences with your business. Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and industry-specific review sites are just a few to mention. Asserting your business profiles across these platforms is critical. It gives you the power to engage with reviews, keep your business information updated, and obtain valuable insights from customer feedback.

Following this, your focus should be on inspiring authentic positive reviews. This task can be accomplished through a variety of tactics. You could reach out to your customers through follow-up emails post a transaction, extend incentives, or even request feedback in person. The key here is authenticity; you should never resort to fake reviews. Your customers are adept at recognizing insincere feedback, and such dubious methods can inflict serious harm on your reputation rather than fortifying trust.

Having said that, not all reviews will paint your business in a favorable light. Addressing negative feedback appropriately can significantly impact your business image. Our recommendation is to confront such situations professionally. Extend gratitude to the customers for their feedback, apologize if required, and commit to rectifying the situation. Such an approach converts a potentially damaging situation into a favorable one. It signals to prospective customers your commitment to customer satisfaction.

We propose an effective strategy that is often overlooked: ask satisfied customers for reviews immediately after positive interactions. These can result in the most glowing testimonials as the experience is still fresh in their minds. Furthermore, this strategy can also assist in amplifying the number of positive reviews you receive. If these reviews can be done by video, all the better.

Regular monitoring of review sites is another important element that often gets neglected. Keep an eye on these platforms to respond promptly and appropriately. Swift responses to reviews, both positive and negative, demonstrate your dedication to customer service and can significantly impact public perception of your business.

To amplify trust further, advertising your positive reviews can be a powerful technique. Showcasing these reviews on your website, sharing them on your social media, or featuring them in your newsletters can manifest the value you bring to your customers. Always remember to seek permission from the reviewer prior to publicly sharing their feedback.

In the grand scheme of your digital marketing strategy, online reviews hold a pivotal position. They can pave the way for gaining the trust of potential clients, refining your services based on the feedback, and positively shaping your online reputation. When harnessed efficiently, they transform into a potent tool for growth and customer engagement.

Businesses that have not previously solicited reviews may think that the window of opportunity for past clients is closed and they can only do this with new clients. That is definitely not the case. One of the services we provide to our clients is an automated Google review campaign. This automated system, contacts your past customers and offers them the opportunity to submit reviews. If the review is anything less than 5 stars, the feedback is directed back to the business owner to get an understanding of what can be done to increase the rating before it is actually posted. These campaigns have yielded significant increase in both the number and quality of online reviews.

There is no better vehicle better suited to build credibility in the marketplace than positive reviews from those that have actually purchased a product or service from a business.

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